The most personal touch you could add to a gift is marking it with your own words. For this very reason, we go beyond the calling of most jewelry stores, and provide the service of in store engraving to all of our customers. Using the latest in engraving technology we are able to engrave basically anything on a variety of materials, while you wait. 
    If you wanted your son's favorite team mascot engraved on the back of his watch- we could do it. If you thought of impressing the in-laws with a custom engraved bottle of wine- no problem. If you hoped to have an authentic expression of love etched into the ring that hugs that most important finger- at your service. 

    Whether it's glass, gold, plastic, or platinum we can engrave it. We can also engrave leather, wood, marble, silver, stainless steel, brass and basically any other metal. The best part of this service is that we could do it all while you wait. You don't have to wait two weeks for us to get to your job. It's quick and it's perfect.
    We offer a variety of gifts and awards that are available for engraving. Anything from wedding cake knives to picture frames can be purchased and engraved in our store. 
    As a special treat to our customers we offer FREE engraving on any purchase of jewelry over $100. If you would like a quote for engraving a particular item please stop by our store or call us at (561) 433-3585.